How governments make policy: An exercise in contradictions.

I have noticed over the years the inconsistency of successive governments’ policy making and it drives me nuts. Over the past few years we have had governments which insist that women breast feed at least for the first year and beyond and at the same time they demand, albeit indirectly at times, that women get back into the workforce as soon as possible.

Similarly the crazy situation created by the many children attending early childhood centres with their curriculum-driven day. This means that those who do not attend for whatever reason are now considered to be (and many are) at a complete disadvantage when they start school. If this is the case, and successive governments claim this the case, then surely the only solution is that early childhood education should be free and mandatory at least from the age of 3 (not that I necessarily agree with this).

And what about teenage mothers who are forced into training or education when their children are still babies. Nothing wrong with this you might say, and there are plenty of plaudits for the ones we see graduating from university. But where is the praise or where are the incentives for those who prefer to stay home and look after their children. Instead single mothers on a benefit are looked down on because they won’t work inconvenient hours for a pittance and put their kids in care.

And while I’m on this topic – what a joke that governments frown on drinking and drunkenness yet have encouraged it during the World Cup by setting up places for boozing, and then act all surprised when people get plastered. Typical!

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