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Rereading de Beauvoir 1: Introduction

In honour of the new translation (by Constance Borde and Sheila Malovany-Chevallier) of Simone de Beauvoir’s Second Sex, 3WW will be running a regular series of posts loosely and admittedly rather pompously titled “Rereading de Beauvoir for the 21st Century.” … Continue reading

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Abortion as an Act of Love

(Thanks to The Hand Mirror for cross-posting this as part of their pro-choice blogging week.) When you’re in a defensive crouch in the face of those on the march against reproductive rights, you can find you wake up one day … Continue reading

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The Cup Crappe

It’s over.   I’m dazed and confused and feel as though I have been run over regularly during the past ?6 weeks and I’m not a player.  Patriotism, partying, branding, making contacts.   All for one and one for all.  Could our … Continue reading

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The hocus-pocus of child rearing advice

I feel very angry. How many New Zealand children have been exposed to allergies because of erroneous advice from the Ministry of Health over the past 30 years? It seems that the practice of telling parents to delay the introduction … Continue reading

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I think that I will never see…

…a poem as lovely as a tree. Suburbia is a strange mix.  Some suburbs are leafy and green.  Others seem proud to boast flight from nature and its messy ways.   The latter rely on concrete, stones, flaxes, grass to cover … Continue reading

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Today scores of young and not so young women boast their empowerment and proudly assert they are not feminists.  I totally agree with the latter claim and marvel at the disingenuity of the former. Feminism was never an overarching or … Continue reading

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