I think that I will never see…

…a poem as lovely as a tree.

Suburbia is a strange mix.  Some suburbs are leafy and green.  Others seem proud to boast flight from nature and its messy ways.   The latter rely on concrete, stones, flaxes, grass to cover what little of the section remains after a huge house, optional decks, rears up and stares shamelessly into neighbouring houses.

But it is the green inclined houseowners City Councils seem to have it in for.

A large tree gets slapped with a heritage order and when the sad owner – who has probably planted other trees – decides the loss of light, sun and an abundance of foliage in gutters plus occasional falling branch – suggests the once beloved tree must go – they find they don’t have the choice.   Nearby neighbours also losing sun etc may also welcome its removal.  Other neighbours, less inconvenienced, and all too often with minimalist green and maybe not a  single tree complain that they will lose the pleasure of seeing the big tree.   What cheek.

Big trees, lovely as they are, end up too big for most city sections.   They can still be a pleasure to grow to a only a portion of their final size but need to be removed when appropriate.  End of story.   But no suburban house should be without trees.  Two to three at least.   If the section is moonscape at the outset  those trees should be two metres plus to start with.  Fair’s fair.

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