The Cup Crappe

It’s over.   I’m dazed and confused and feel as though I have been run over regularly during the past ?6 weeks and I’m not a player.  Patriotism, partying, branding, making contacts.   All for one and one for all.  Could our media have been more banal?  NZ  television is embarrassingly bad already and the gushing slobber (how else to describe it?) was nauseating.

I’m happy people were happy and partying.  I watched or partly watched quite a few games.    I fell asleep when they got boring.  I watched all the final although it was hideously BORING.  The finer points of defensive play escape me.  I was relieved we (?), well the All Blacks, won.   The only excitement and drama came from with the possibility that the French might win.  I hate hubris and somehow our right to win because we are the best doesn’t do it for me.   All honour to the French.

The partying was initiated by the Tongan community seemingly without the help of advertising agencies, consultants, lobbyists, celebrities.  Just spontaneous goodwill.  All for free.  WOW.   Their contribution is widely acknowledged.

But don’t hold your breath on their behalf.  Coming up during the election campaign the usual National/Act beneficiary bashing will surface and as part of Polynesian community they will not be exempt.  They were only invited late to Party Central.  There was some chaos on the first night but not a big hitch for all Murray McCully’s stampede to crucify the Labour Council.

McCully now boasts the ‘branding’ for New Zealand and its economic benefits although the latter is still unknown and, from experience elsewhere, unlikely!   Rugby heaven won’t be back for some time.   We don’t have half a billion, a significant amount of which was borrowed, to chuck around for parties on an annual basis.

Fortunately I had a lovely spring in the garden, Wellington being unusally windless this year.

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