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What’s with the big prams?

What’s with the big prams? The planet must surely be doomed. Not only do middle class women these days appear to be having larger and larger families, but these are not complete without the four wheel drive car and the … Continue reading

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Child Abuse and Moral Pornography

Yesterday, I read an interesting article by an “amoralist” (someone who doesn’t believe in right and wrong) about something he labeled “moral pornography” and it rather reminded me of the way we “discuss” child abuse cases in Aotearoa/New Zealand. In … Continue reading

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Storm in a tea cup or self inflicted expose?

How quickly things can turn in politics. Maybe this is just a storm in a teacup but, if so, it is a scalding pot of tea of John Key’s own making. When you come to rely as he has on … Continue reading

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WHIMSY: Media more sexist than Parliament?

I have no proof.   Just paranoia.  But every time I switch over or stumble onto  to some radio or tv commentary on anything and everything it seems to be men doing the commenting.  Now if memory, always dodgy, is correct … Continue reading

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The Election: Gloom Galore

It is a beautiful day.  Blue green sea, hazy blue-purple mountains, riotous spring greens of my fusion(?) garden with its deciduous imports and evergreen natives.  Chocolate coloured copper beech, pink maples, flossy rhododendrons, the glorious smell of fragrantissima. Begone political … Continue reading

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Rereading de Beauvoir 2: Biology Is Not Destiny

Part One: Destiny Chapter 1: Biological Data (Or, Biology Is Not Destiny) In her chapter on biological data, SdB tries to get to the bottom of what the “female” represents in the animal kingdom – a question she says needs … Continue reading

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Mixed Up About Motherhood

There was an interesting comment posted on the feminist blog The Hand Mirror this past week. It was on a post titled “Pro-choice Means Opposing Welfare Reform”, and the commenter wrote, among other things: Some people seem to have the … Continue reading

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