WHIMSY: Media more sexist than Parliament?

I have no proof.   Just paranoia.  But every time I switch over or stumble onto  to some radio or tv commentary on anything and everything it seems to be men doing the commenting.  Now if memory, always dodgy, is correct then journalism was one of the first professions to adopt equal pay?  So long ago it seems just too farfetched.  Like at the tail end of the nineteenth century!

So is equal opportunity the problem?  It was a bit icky to see Brian Edwards and Bill Ralston on TV3 this morning with Sean Plunket.   Why wasn’t Pam Corkery wheeled out too?  Where are Sharon Crosby, Kim Hill?  Are geriatrics cheaper?   TV1 had Fran O’Sullivan, Matt McCarten and Jon Johansson.  Surely some women are passing through university although it was troubling to hear they are not sticking with Economics.    Then there is Jim Mora on Radio NZ afternoon something.   My guess is male guests two to one.   Newspaper columnists about five to one if DomPost anything to go by.

To be fair I’m a bit tired of younger women columnists and their chorus of ‘poor working mother, a thing of moans so woeful …..’.   Somebody please require them to write about something else.

What is the ratio of women MPs?   Dropping back to one third?  That is woeful.

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