Storm in a tea cup or self inflicted expose?

How quickly things can turn in politics. Maybe this is just a storm in a teacup but, if so, it is a scalding pot of tea of John Key’s own making. When you come to rely as he has on the media circus and grinning photo opportunities for your popularity, then you cannot complain when these backfire.

Maybe Key was advised to link the allegedly secret taping of his “bland” chat with Banks to the News of the World fiasco, or maybe he just didn’t think – in much the same way he didn’t think when he recently suggested the jumper in Parliament was a Labour stunt. But at least now there is some hint that he may not be just the nice smiley Prime Minister we have come to expect.

For three long years, with the help of a largely uncritical media, he has unfailingly kept up a “man of the people” facade. But if the tea tapes are released – as they surely will be – it looks as if a different John Key may be revealed. I say bring it on!

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