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Key’s Cuppa Costs Stiffing Cameraman or Taxpayer?

Politics got buried under Christmas trivia, family dysfunction and exhaustion.   Not just mine. A lot of the media and opposition  have also been asleep on watch.   Except for the king trouble maker.   Winston Peters is back  and revving up well.   … Continue reading

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Feminists and Thatcher Fans Should Not See This Film

The Iron Lady is a terrible film.   No tits, just dementia.  Sure Meryl Streep, Jim Broadbent are amazing actors .  If they want to do a film about Alzheimer’s let them donate their time and for heaven’s sake let it … Continue reading

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Women and Cats: Enemies of the Church

Women and cats have quite a history. We go back a long way, and have a lot in common – witches, goddesses, a dislike of rats. But perhaps the biggest thing we share is our history of being persecuted by … Continue reading

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