Feminists and Thatcher Fans Should Not See This Film

The Iron Lady is a terrible film.   No tits, just dementia.  Sure Meryl Streep, Jim Broadbent are amazing actors .  If they want to do a film about Alzheimer’s let them donate their time and for heaven’s sake let it be Jim Broadbent in the main role.   It is a horrible condition and especially unpleasant at the start as the realisation dawns that one’s mind is going and it may in fact be the start of the disease.   Women do not have a monopoly on it.

Meryl Streep as Margaret Thatcher in The Iron Lady. Photo credit: Alex Bailey. From http://www.theironladymovie.co.uk/blog

If I hadn’t been separated from mate – only three seats left – I might have started hissing.  As he disliked it too we would probably have left the theatre.

What on earth did Alzheimer’s have to do with with Maggie Thatcher’s role on the world stage?  It didn’t develop from her tremendous self-belief.   Why was Broadbent, who also played the husband’s role in the film ‘Iris’ – chosen to play the part of Dennis?  ‘Iris’ was not about Iris Murdoch of course.  It was a very well done and sympathetic portrait of a woman with alzheimers who had once been famous as a philosopher and novelist.  Well that is how I chose to see it at the time.

So what is going on?  Took a family member with expert knowledge of films to nail it in one for me.  Famous men are depicted in their prime, famous women in their dotage!   So that is the sort of progess we have made in the film industry?

I’m no fan of Maggie Thatcher not least bcause she has quite often been portrayed as a splendid example for women.   All we need is self-belief.   Certainly she supported some changes that would allow women to have careers and children but she brutally championed other changes that would make the world so much worse for other women.   And men.   The power and sense of rightness that stems from self-belief must be one of the most dangerous ideologies of all time.

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