Bungles Galore, Spittle, Spite and National’s Poster Girls

In my analysis of National’s road map to the next election I overlooked the very marketable Hekia Parata.

I did note that Paula Bennett, cheerleader for anti-beneficiary spittle, was called to the rescue when National surrendered to headwinds and delayed asset sales.

Anti-beneficiary spittle took off in the 1980s and tapped into the dread of many men that they might end up paying for another man’s child whether in-house or on a benefit.  I surmise that is why a longstanding double standard of sexual proprietary developed in the West with harsh treatment for wandering women but excuses – greater sexual need and/or seduction by a wicked temptress – for frail men.

Arguably asset sales were always a very bad idea.  During the election out came the cosmetics and we were informed hospitals and schools would be helped.  Originally it was paying off debt and rescuing the sharemarket.   Paying off debt if the share price and interest rates are low is a no-brainer.  The sharemarket may be on the up.

I believe sales won’t go ahead unless driven by spite of the we won, you lost variety.   Therein lies the difference between a supposedly democratic government (where the party who can patch together a majority in Parliament, however slim, takes the spoils) and a truly mandated government where the views of voters are very carefully considered.  The we win, you lose approach is in the divine right of kings tradition and they were wont to get the pip with disagreeable subjects and lop off heads.

More bungles have followed  the sales delay:  the unsatisfactory revisit of the John Banks and Dotcom relationship followed hot on the heels by revelations of the illegal spying on Dotcom.  What gives between Key and deputy English?  The handy juxtaposition of all these events confuses media hounds but they have worked hard to oust the facts and truth.

So who could cool the blaze?    The very marketable Hekia Parata? It didn’t work last time.  And if anything the outcome is even worse this time.   Christchurch parents are rightly furious.   Her subsequent efforts to define consultation were well short of even the seemingly fluent but meaningless market babble we are normally bombarded with.

So out with the league tables to assuage the middle classes’ sense of  selfworth and entitlement and confirming what everybody knew – that poverty and family background are key factors in education. Some media puzzled by suggesting teachers, their unions and social activists, would be shaken by this revelation.   Rubbish.  They they  question the point of endless research confirming this when there are no plans to redress the problems.   Putting the cart before the horse ain’t a lot of use.  The alarming news of more closures, job losses and downsizing which – a major factor in those problems – has been overshadowed.

When Hekia met up with teachers she looked as though she had the pip big time.  It has been a baptism of fire for National’s poster girls but you can’t say they are not willing.   Or, as was the case of Maggie Thatcher,  does a religious fervour for self-belief and empowerment  render critical faculties useless?  Poster girls need to pay far more attention to those attributes than new age waffle.


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