Mana Internet: Wow, What a Deal!

As soon as I heard Laila Harre was to head the Mana Internet party adrenalin kickstarted my now less emotive mind into asking itself itself  who is going to be voting for Mana Internet around here.  I guess it will have to be him indoors.*   He lacks the political  junkie gene and is more flexible on this sort of thing.  Later I rang helpful son (who has the political gene) to check on his response and that household had already  agreed on the same strategy!

The deal between Mana and Internet is amazing and in case you missed another major plus ends six weeks after the election.  So it is nowhere near as cynical as I feared.   It’s  two-fingered “You  asked for it” to National and Act (I hope a huge one) and a wee cannonball across Labour and Green bows.

Pity the Epsom clause (riding on the coat tails of one electorate MP) wasn’t gotten rid of when National had the chance hey?   Dare I suggest that the two main parties need to treat the public with more courtesy?   Labour’s response to the Greens’ questions about working together during the campaign was harsh even if the Greens approach was injudicious.  And both these parties seem to be wobbling more on social issues or just lacking the skills and teeth  to do their jobs properly.


3 News Image


*  “err indoors” is the reference to George Cole’s wife in TV series Minder (Dennis Waterman was Minder).  ‘She Who Must Be Obeyed’ is the reference to Rumpole’s wife in the Rumpole series.   Too lovely to lose!

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