Papal Inanities and our Worshipful Media

I thought I had moved on from raving about Popes and their unforgivable attitudes to women’s sexuality.   Then this current one whose style and thinking had won some favour with the media lets loose about how couples who chose not to have children but have a cat will be lonely and bitter in their old age.   If women enjoy sex without giving birth look what they will bring down on men!

Does our media demonstrate some socio-political bias against childless women in particular when it runs this sort of claptrap?  Why weren’t reporters on the phone to the Catholic Archbishop seeking more elucidation.  A supine media response may reinforce harmful views about women and their sexuality.   They are not fulfilling their proper role.   Remember the Roastbusters,  our local shame?  And internet trolls?  We need to teach empathy and respect for women?   Well it won’t come while such diatribes, open to ridicule as they are, flow unchallenged from priestly palaces and pulpits.

What blithering vacuity of life experience inspired this papal insight?  The wilful ignorance of backstreet abortion in Catholic countries?   The deplorable attitude to marital rape that holds married people are in such a blessed and blissful union no wife would deny a husband sex?   The blindness to abusive priests to avoid bringing scandal on the church?   Some papal comments seemed to imply the silence was sacrificial!

What about the cruelty of denying  of a godly burial to the children of unwed mothers, the numbers of which appear to have been much higher under the care of nuns over the centuries.  Ireland now has to face the mass grave of 800 babies and young children in the 1950s.    I have a flickering memory of the neonatal death rate being in the order of 100%  in France under their care in the previous century.  Surely not.   But high it certainly was.  This is not to say Protestant history is clear of some of the same taint and ugly  abuses.

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