The Palpable Threat of Dotcom

Coverage of Dotcom at an  Internet Mana meeting in Christchurch delighted me.   Two public relations experts, both women, didn’t see the fun however.   A new low, said one,  like a Nazi rally.   The crowd, young, laughing, exuberant chanted ‘Fuck Dotcom_NZHJohn Key’.  Quelle horreur!  Dotcom roared: “Are you ready for revolution?”  He concluded with the threat to come down (from the stage) and give everyone a big hug.  Now that could be of concern given his size.   Curiously the detail of this awesome threat to public safety wasn’t mentioned by either the of the women or the  journalist reporting their comments.  I thought the crowd looked so happy and clean living  I wondered if a few young Nats hadn’t gone along for the ride.  I can’t quite reconcile chanting ‘fuck you’ with a Nazi rally and clean living Hitler Youth.   If there were any elements of the hard left there (is there one in New Zealand other than in John Key’s fevered imagination) I think they would have been wincing or snarling in despair.  I guess it is all in the eye of the beholder, an aged crone in this instance, for whom the term ‘fuck you’ is daily fare in respect of all manner of irritations.

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