National Spooked: Sneer, Jeer and Smear

I got fed up with politics and media for a few weeks but my Cousin Zelda persona (she who tries to influence rugby and league games by crying drop the ball, send the thug off, miss the goal) reasserted itself in a state of increasing confusion.  Highly personable John Key who had such charm with electors has gone rogue, sneering, smearing and jeering.  Steven Joyce is an able assistant and his performance on The Nation in over-talking Grant Robertson and  cackling at his own wit may have encouraged Key to make more use of his own unpleasant persona.   Or something seriously bad about National/ Key is waiting in the wings?   I had it confirmed from Nicky_Hagerthe man himself, Nicky Hager, that a book was coming out but contents under wraps.  We’ll know all by tonight.

National victory had seemed a cert so why sully their image?   Modest caution about polls is wise but the hysteria now emerging is jarring, ugly. The main object of their spooked  behaviour  is Internet Mana who, according to their own arguments, is not even worthy of derision and can be ignored on account of the shabby dealings with Dotcom.    Or were National’s dealings to Dotcom even more shabby?

The word  frenzied  has cropped up in respect of Internet Mana’s meeting in Christchurch and the ‘swearing video’.  Gordon Campbell’s delightful piece on this is on the Scoop website.  It confirms my memory of living through a significant culture change in god’s own country.   Less delightful was the blonde on TVNZ  News almost foaming with frenzy as she recycled the word.   The way Nats recycle such words makes me wonder if they have zombie implants in their brains.

Labour’s Think Positive: a stunningly good slogan.  Cunliffe just has to stop apologising (great piece by Jane Clifton in The Listener) and the party pull together.   Some hope.   Out comes male identity politics of the sort best exemplified by Shane Jones.  It’s seems to be a a compulsive form of narcissism requiring men working in a collective to cause trouble if they don’t get their own way.   Nobody expects the left wing to behave as if they have brain implants a la National but airing divisions and infighting in mainstream commentary and on the internet  in an election year is not acceptable.

Internet Mana: Wow.  Lots of publicity as National magnifies their ‘threat’ and shifts the focus from their own failed policies.   This should backfire.

Greens:  Working hard.  Should enjoy and have earned a late run in the polls.

The Rest:  wouldn’t be missed.

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