Winston Wooed ‘Em

Well, stap me vitals and knock me down with a feather,  Winston Peters won Northland.   Hooray!   Even if he isn’t a political favourite of mine he certainly wooed and won with his charm offensive,  well honed political skills, cunning.  Mark Whathisname (it appears I and usually helpful son are not the only ones Winstonwhose memory cells baulked in this respect) had been dealt a lousy hand before Winston appeared on the scene and could still come home to spell serious trouble for John Key.

National may now turn to grudge and a little spite.  On second thoughts, a lot of National’s policies seem based on spite, their right to rule is challenged and the undeserving poor and their disagreeable champions must be kept in their place. 

It’s a pity Labour didn’t adopt the gaming approach and swallow Dotcom and Internet Mana before the last election.   It may not have worked.   I managed to spare myself and not see what is generally considered to have been the final nail in Internet Mana’s coffin at Dotcom’s Moment of Truth where his conduct was not helpful.   I’m still not sure why he became so unpalatable, political poison overall.   He was, wrongly it now transpires, allowed into the country because we were so keen to get our hands on his dosh and he certainly spread it around liberally. 

I’ve always had a liking for pirates and Dotcom was very much associated with piracy albeit the anti-thesis of the usual pirate in fiction and film.   Huge.  Onshore.  Netted in one of the most ludicrous action sequences ever to grace the screen.   Two helicopters, 76 police officers, a dog or so, what a ball!   I’ve since checked out the date of the raid and Skyfall’s release and the raid occurred ten months earlier.   Had our GCSB been downloading rushes of Skyfall?  

Dotcom is no Johny Depp/Jack Sparrow who has to be the bestest pirate of all.  The corporates going for him are much, much bigger pirates than he is?

I haven’t given much thought as to how Winston and New Zealand First will play out in Parliament not least because of his unpredictability.   I don’t like his ‘constituency’.   But I would just love to see him stroll mockingly back into Parliament in pirate gear and a parrot on his shoulder singing “Yo ho ho and a bottle of whisky, with twelve members now perched in the nest, drink and the devil makes an old man frisky, yo ho ho ho and fingers to the rest…”

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