Bill English, Bribery and Abortion

Enlightenment has dawned on me:  what a goof I have been for a lot of my life.   While I knew that politicians were very self-interested about their own survival, I didn’t see all the implications of that in respect of policy making.  I understood  their survival instincts, losing a job when there aren’t many around is not a happy experience.  That explained their liking for good remuneration and superannuation.  

I was bowled by the super duper superannuation deal the Labour’s Rogernomes dreamt up for their futures.  It was scaled back later in response to public outrage.   Did I learn from that?  Nope! 

Was it a favourite novelist, E. M. Forster, who advanced the need to ‘only make connections’.   Eureka, I’ve belatedly made one in respect of the parliamentary blockage in regard to securing decriminalisation of abortion, winning the right to choose and ensuring safe abortion services.  The way to go: bribery.  If it’s good enough for a government to advance trade deals and overcome blockages using bribery, as with the Saudi sheep farm deal, it’s good enough for the public buy the consciences of MPs.  

What’s your price, Mr English?   Pretty steep I expect since you are avowedly anti-abortion and pretty well off anyway.   Just think of the taxpayer millions currently wasted on court cases and the certification process.   So hand over $4 million, mate (less than one year’s admin costs) and pro-choicers will spread it around enough MPs selectively to get the law repealed, maybe with some to spare and refund.        

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