McCaw for Monarch!

Why stop at a knighthood for Richie McCaw?   Why not make God’s own a monarchy?  Māori have one.  Tongans have one.  Why are pākehā so mean spirited, Māori might enjoy two monarchs?  Brand new king, brand new flag.  Heaven-sent opportunity for politicians’ infinite flunkying photo opportunities.   Bring back jousting, build some splendid lists across the land and they will come.  Economic salvation!!

McCaw1Across the ditch PM Malcolm Turnbull intends to abolish knights and the like, even announced it before our gallant champions defeated theirs.  Meanwhile, transfixed by rugby, we forgot the plight of New Zealanders being held in detention centres on Christmas Island while awaiting deportation back here.   They had a criminal conviction, served their sentence, lived in Australia for most of their lives and have no family support here.  Refugees on self-governing Nauru where Australian law doesn’t apply attract something more akin to rendition with its accompanying torture and abuse.  We withdrew financial aid to Nauru’s ‘justice’ system.     

Stranger still we also forgot the 1981 Springbok Tour and the much commemorated protest movement.  Many take pride in the belief it helped end apartheid.  Even now, as we celebrate victory, couldn’t something be said ever so diplomatically.  Australia has some heavy lifting to do between now and the next World Cup. They wouldn’t want a boycott sprung on them?

Something very ugly has (re)surfaced in Australia.   Many Aussies are deeply shocked and enraged.  Two ex-flatmates, long since Australian citizens, wrote in anger and distress about the treatment of boat people a year ago.   We have been a bit slow to notice the nastiness and disregard for law but we are sort of onto it now that New Zealanders are involved.  

Come on Labour and Green creepy crawlies slouching to the centre.  SPEAK UP NOW!   Key will still invite you to Richie’s dubbing/coronation.  Hell, what if Richie doesn’t want a decoration or crown that has been slightly sullied by our silence?   Better still as newly anointed monarch he could raise aloft his king’s pennant and lead a flotilla into Sydney Harbour with the demand that Gillian Triggs, Australia’s principled and courageous Commissioner of Human Rights, be installed as their monarch. 

Here’s a link to Russell Brown’s generous homage to the ABs on the Public Address blog:  It also includes a link to a list of AB bad boys in the interest of balance presumably.    

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