What Sort of Hold Has McCully Got on Key?

Now that the Auditor General’s report is out on the $11 million paid to some Saudi Sheikh for some complicated deal over some sheep (destined for life but alas succumbing to death in a desert) which leaves most of us scratching our heads in an Alice in Wonderland fashion it does seem appropriate to muse on what sort of hold this terribly complicated Minister of Foreign Affairs appears to have over the simple, straight up man of the people who passes as the Prime Minister, or who maybe is the genuine Prime Minister. Could aforesaid Murray be the Richelieuan puppet master, the dark arts magician, Satan, Beelzebub, Lucifer, the cloven hoof whatsit, the Hound of Baskervilles …

Oh hell, it is all too daft and complicated for me so I’ll leave it to Gordon Campbell (Werewolf & Scoop) to tackle the murk, maze, miasma, muddy footprints, minefields, mind exploding apocalyptic milestones that Murray the Man of so many hours and wannabe, woefully futile Machiavellian schemes so imaginatively negotiates only to find himself up to his neck in yet another quag of his own making.

But did Gordon’s desperately honourable attempt at clarification succeed? Could he succeed? Should he succeed? No, I’m stopping right here.

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