What I Want for My Child – uh, Cat

Because I don’t have a child, I don’t care what happens to the country, the planet, race relations, the housing crisis or child poverty. Because I don’t have a child, I never do anything “good” because, you know, we do that stuff “for our children and grandchildren”. Obviously, I don’t give a crap about climate change either because my Hot_cat2children and grandchildren aren’t going to be among those inheriting the earth. Luckily, I don’t have to bother with learning about New Zealand history or colonisation or what happened at Waitangi because I don’t have a child whose future understanding I can’t help thinking of. It’s great not having a child. You get to do whatever you want and hang the consequences for everyone else. Or should that be, for everyone else’s child. Yeah, I’m kind of sick of being someone who apparently doesn’t really feel all that stuff quite as much as the mothers and fathers and grandparents; someone whose untimely death wouldn’t really be a tragedy, unlike that of “mother of two”.

I know there are the parents who like to milk (sorry) that stuff for all its worth, and who can blame Jacinda for joining in. But then I think, hey, are the people doing all this fine stuff for their children really setting such a good example? Are they really making the point they think they’re making? Because shouldn’t we all be doing all this fine stuff for the good of all?

OK, OK, you got me. I’m not being honest. I’m really doing it for my cat.


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