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Child Sponsorship comes to New Zealand

Even though child sponsorship has been widely discredited internationally as a fair and effective form of aid, this seems to have passed unnoticed by Variety – The Children’s Charity. In New Zealand, they are calling for Kiwi Kid sponsors in response to … Continue reading

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Exporting inequality to China: More on early childhood education

Great news for all those parents who want their kids to get ahead (of other kids). There is now a “Little School” preschool with “a structured learning programme” in Wellington – well, actually three of them – where children can learn to … Continue reading

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Don’t waste your time on the Green Paper

So Paula Bennett is calling for submissions from the public on the Green Paper on Vulnerable Children. This is a complete waste of time. There is plenty of evidence about what works and what doesn’t. Over the past ten years … Continue reading

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What’s with the big prams?

What’s with the big prams? The planet must surely be doomed. Not only do middle class women these days appear to be having larger and larger families, but these are not complete without the four wheel drive car and the … Continue reading

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Storm in a tea cup or self inflicted expose?

How quickly things can turn in politics. Maybe this is just a storm in a teacup but, if so, it is a scalding pot of tea of John Key’s own making. When you come to rely as he has on … Continue reading

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Creating inequalities: Care vs curriculum in early childhood education

For some time educators and policy makers among others have been worried that proportionately fewer Māori and Pacific kids are attending early childhood education (ECE). They say that children without an early childhood education are disadvantaged when they turn up … Continue reading

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The hocus-pocus of child rearing advice

I feel very angry. How many New Zealand children have been exposed to allergies because of erroneous advice from the Ministry of Health over the past 30 years? It seems that the practice of telling parents to delay the introduction … Continue reading

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