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Dworkin and Tights, Who Knew?


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Toutouwai | N.I. Robin

I do volunteer trapping in the bush not far from where I live, which can be a bit gory, but it’s awesome being in the ngāhere on your own and off the beaten path. I often see tiwaiwaka / fantail … Continue reading

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Micro-tourism: The Web

A while ago, I started thinking about the destructive blight that is mass tourism. I live in a pretty beautiful place, visited each year by 80-plus hideously hideous cruise ships and a few zillion cheapskates in camper-vans (with fake ‘self-contained’ … Continue reading

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Egotistical Enlightenment

First, a super defensive caveat to do with the fact that I sometimes listen (via free audiobook or podcasts, just so you know I don’t pay for that shit) to what one might call ‘gurus’, that is, people into meditation … Continue reading

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Transwomen are transwomen

  Intro/Background Transwomen are transwomen. This should be a non-controversial identity statement. Red is red. Cats are cats. A = A. Women are women. Transwomen are transwomen. Yet in the world I am rapidly leaving behind (liberal feminism, liberalism), this … Continue reading

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Quitting the Media: Part IV (Facebook)

Quitting the Media, Part IV, Making Use of Facebook’s Delete Delay (Click here for the ‘Quitting the Media’ series so far, with some ‘Confessions of a Former Liberal’ episodes included) Dealing with “the media” (or maybe the media industrial complex) … Continue reading

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Confessions of a Former Liberal: Part 2

Confessions of a Former Liberal: Part 2. (They’re Boring) The second in an occasional series about Pohutu’s confusing journey into the political wilderness. But of course it’s much worse than just being boring. Excuse the wait for Part 2 of The Confessions … Continue reading

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