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Exclusive: Book Launch ‘Underground Women’

Book Launch: Underground Women This is the formal official (and only) launch of my first (and so far only) novel, Underground Women (link takes you to its page on So you, the massive and discerning and etc. readership of … Continue reading

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Keeping the World Safe for Liberals

“First they came for the Jews…” It’s become a cliché by now, but as I watch the ‘liberal establishment’ (for want of a better slur) twist and squirm at the rise of the fascistic nativism of Donald Trump I can’t … Continue reading

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Labour Parties, and the Search for Neverland

One has to wonder if there isn’t a contagious disease ravaging Labour parties around the world.   Something to do with searching for the centre, fear of lefties, and, down under, fear of women?   In the current UK leadership battle … Continue reading

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Bill English, Bribery and Abortion

Enlightenment has dawned on me:  what a goof I have been for a lot of my life.   While I knew that politicians were very self-interested about their own survival, I didn’t see all the implications of that in respect of … Continue reading

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Ministry of Anti-Feminism

Our Cringemaking Minister in Charge of the Ministry of Women I hesitate to say that Louise Upston, newly in charge of the newly named Ministry of Women, should be put in the same category as those politicians and members of … Continue reading

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At the end of the day: Post-Election Blues Series

Three days before the election I couldn’t hold myself back from beginning a post although my mood was grim.   I felt I could only hope for a cliffhanger.  This didn’t seem very satisfactory so the next day I changed … Continue reading

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Election 2014: Sliver of Silver Lining

Setting aside the economy, which I appreciate (a) one can’t do and (b) one shouldn’t do, here’s my non-expert election silver lining: Social and moral conservatism made no headway in this election. And keeping in mind aforementioned need to prioritise … Continue reading

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