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Toutouwai | N.I. Robin

I do volunteer trapping in the bush not far from where I live, which can be a bit gory, but it’s awesome being in the ngāhere on your own and off the beaten path. I often see tiwaiwaka / fantail … Continue reading

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Keeping the World Safe for Liberals

“First they came for the Jews…” It’s become a cliché by now, but as I watch the ‘liberal establishment’ (for want of a better slur) twist and squirm at the rise of the fascistic nativism of Donald Trump I can’t … Continue reading

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Election 2014: Sliver of Silver Lining

Setting aside the economy, which I appreciate (a) one can’t do and (b) one shouldn’t do, here’s my non-expert election silver lining: Social and moral conservatism made no headway in this election. And keeping in mind aforementioned need to prioritise … Continue reading

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Fiddling and Burning

I’ve been through several stages over the climate change issue, starting with fear and terror, moving through to thank-god-I-won’t-be-around-for-the-worst-of-it, rumbling along to my present unsustainable (probably) position of (and this is going to sound mean) humanity-deserves-what’s-coming. Ultimately, I don’t believe … Continue reading

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