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Exclusive: Book Launch ‘Underground Women’

Book Launch: Underground Women This is the formal official (and only) launch of my first (and so far only) novel, Underground Women (link takes you to its page on So you, the massive and discerning and etc. readership of … Continue reading

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Papal Inanities and our Worshipful Media

I thought I had moved on from raving about Popes and their unforgivable attitudes to women’s sexuality.   Then this current one whose style and thinking had won some favour with the media lets loose about how couples who chose … Continue reading

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Male Narcissism, Roastbusters and Rape

Background: A Brief History of the West A thumbnail and only a tad simplistic sketch of Western ‘civilisation’ records men in the driving seat and women denied the right to drive, to voice objections to the destination and the quality … Continue reading

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Deborah Hill Cone and Simone de Beauvoir

I have warmed (at times) toward the new, sometimes softer Deborah Hill Cone. I don’t always read her column, but in the past few years, she’s been through some stuff that has greyed out her black-and-whites. Apparently (and all this … Continue reading

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Missing: Women Opinion Shapers

I want more commentary from women throughout the media and on issues other than motherhood, juggling work and children, sex and sex stereotyping.  I am damn sure it is not mischance that more columnists and panel guests on current affairs … Continue reading

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Grizzly Mammas and War

I’m not sure why, but I tried to watch the pilot episode of a new series called “Missing” on TV. Well, on my recorder actually. One of the reasons was Ashley Judd. I mean, she’s from a family of Country … Continue reading

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Choice: Punitive Sanctions, Chastity Or Contraception

The amount of venom the DPB attracts is amazing and very cruel.   Certainly there will be women who abuse it but others need it.   Almost as amazing is Paula Bennett’s selective and blunderbuss approach to warning off beneficiaries from having … Continue reading

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