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Male Narcissism, Roastbusters and Rape

Background: A Brief History of the West A thumbnail and only a tad simplistic sketch of Western ‘civilisation’ records men in the driving seat and women denied the right to drive, to voice objections to the destination and the quality … Continue reading

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Election Ahoy: Blokes and Blondes

Watch Out for Ordinary Blokes and Giggling Blondes  Last Sunday I flicked through the paper and gasped:  there was quintessential ordinary bloke and shock jock Paul Henry coming to grace our television screens with a blonde in tow.  So 1950s, … Continue reading

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Les Misérables: A Leg Over and a Leg Up?

My son had two free tickets to Les Misérables and kindly ‘shouted’ me.  Others who saw it earlier loved it, returned for more.  Ages ago I hadn’t got far with the book but knew the main story.  The wider story … Continue reading

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Seven Sharp: Alison Mau Needs Two Male Nannies?

Why on earth has TVNZ flanked main presenter Alison Mau with two men.  I am assured they are nice guys but Paul Holmes didn’t need minders, neither did Mark Sainsbury.  Neither does TV3’s John Campbell who probably gets up more … Continue reading

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Grizzly Mammas and War

I’m not sure why, but I tried to watch the pilot episode of a new series called “Missing” on TV. Well, on my recorder actually. One of the reasons was Ashley Judd. I mean, she’s from a family of Country … Continue reading

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Feminists and Thatcher Fans Should Not See This Film

The Iron Lady is a terrible film.   No tits, just dementia.  Sure Meryl Streep, Jim Broadbent are amazing actors .  If they want to do a film about Alzheimer’s let them donate their time and for heaven’s sake let it … Continue reading

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