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Child Sponsorship comes to New Zealand

Even though child sponsorship has been widely discredited internationally as a fair and effective form of aid, this seems to have passed unnoticed by Variety – The Children’s Charity. In New Zealand, they are calling for Kiwi Kid sponsors in response to … Continue reading

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Exit Right Shane Jones, What a Week!

SHANE! SHANE! SHANE! DON’T COME BACK! I can’t resist adding ‘don’t’ to the last line of the 1953 tearjerker western Shane starring Alan Ladd. Ladd makes a drippy hero even when playing the character of a retired gunslinger and is … Continue reading

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Petraeus, Prurience, Machiavellian Politics?

Like most of us I suspect I was drawn to the Petraeus affair when it first broke.  Why on earth did the two principal players risk communicating by email and possibly breaching security.  And isn’t it long past time we … Continue reading

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For Shulamith Firestone, Who Endured

I ploughed through all the second-wave feminist “iconic” works quite some decades ago now. And, of course, I was never the same again. Shulamith Firestone’s Dialectic of Sex (the first chapter is online here) and Simone de Beauvoir’s The Second … Continue reading

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Grizzly Mammas and War

I’m not sure why, but I tried to watch the pilot episode of a new series called “Missing” on TV. Well, on my recorder actually. One of the reasons was Ashley Judd. I mean, she’s from a family of Country … Continue reading

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Exporting inequality to China: More on early childhood education

Great news for all those parents who want their kids to get ahead (of other kids). There is now a “Little School” preschool with “a structured learning programme” in Wellington – well, actually three of them – where children can learn to … Continue reading

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Women and Cats: Enemies of the Church

Women and cats have quite a history. We go back a long way, and have a lot in common – witches, goddesses, a dislike of rats. But perhaps the biggest thing we share is our history of being persecuted by … Continue reading

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